Accu-Chek Spirit Insulin Pump

Brand Names: Roche

The Spirit insulin pump by Accu-Check includes four bolus options (including quick and multiwave) and five basal rate profiles. This pump has the largest insulin reservoir at 315u. The Spirit has side-mounted tactile buttons for discrete delivery. Total basal rates are 24/day with increments of 0.01, 0.05, and 0.1 and a range of 0.0 to 25 U/hr. The Spirit stores 4,500 Events (90 day) memory. This pump has a bidirectional infrared (IR) port that can download data to a PC, and basal rate profiles that can be uploaded from a PC to the pump. The Spirit’s dimensions are 3.2 x 2.2 x 0.8 in and it weighs about 5oz with the batteries. Other key features include water tightness, alerts, daily insulin totals and temporary basal rate increases.

Community Rating: 4.2

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Accu-Chek Spirit Insulin Pump Reviews

Some updates

Pros: Does great math. Like the ease to adjust bolts for sliding scale.

Cons: Wish you could manually add BG say from different meter, insurance will pay for pump but not the strips. Should be easier to shutoff sounds. Was in hospital for three days and was on hospital protocol, so disconnected pump, beeped for three straight days every minute! Would like to set a manual infusion change warning. Sometimes occlusion causes need for new site and doesn't reset to a "new" time.

Overall: B+ easily. Have been on lantus, humalog, nph, fast-acting for 36 years. Much better A1c since.

By Lysander13
Awesome meter!

Pros: Easy to use. Comfortable. Support from everyone is fabulous.

Cons: Hard to fill the unit itself if you have poor eyesight. With reading glasses it works fine. It's actually easier than filling a syringe.

Overall: Wonderful! The support received from everyone at Roche has been phenomenal. I am so happy I chose this route to deliver my insulin.

By moshepp