Walk Down Your Blood Sugar DVD

This DVD features trainer Leslie Sansone and will take you through an easy-to-follow, indoor walking workout. It includes a 3-minute warm up, 25 minutes of marches, kicks, jogging in place, and knee-ups. The trainer includes lots of diabetes-specific encouragement and information. The American Diabetes Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week.

Community Rating: 4.5

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Walk Down Your Blood Sugar DVD Reviews

blood suger walking

Pros: it is neat way to loss pounds in a short time

Cons: it does not work for me

Overall: it is fun but its not intertaining engough for me intering

By Anonymous

Overall: How do I order these dvd's

By tisha34
walking does help

Pros: walking does help me a great deal plus where i live it's a retirement home and i do a lot of walking the halls ways and i do a fight of stairs a day this building has 10 floors so i do as uch as i can then i take the elevator back-to my floor which is the 6th floor

Cons: my kegs go to hurting so much it isn't funny that is the only drawback i can see

By deewoelling
Leslie Sansone DVDs

Pros: I use You Tube for this and I absolutely love them. I work many different shifts so it's perfect to do just before getting ready for work. I like to use these especially if the weather isn't cooperating and I can't get outside for my walk and she's fun!!!

Cons: For me, none!!! :)

Overall: I try to do all of her DVDs to keep things changed up. Every level is different and it's a very good sweat. I recommend getting a waist extension belt if you don't already have one. Wonderful workouts!!

By CarolLeePark