Walk Away the Pounds DVD

Walk Away the Pounds is a 20-45 minute DVD in-home walking exercise program. You are lead on a total body conditioning workout through walking either 1, 2, 3 or more miles, according to your choice. All you need is a pair of walking shoes. You can walk as fast as 10 minutes per mile or as slow as 15 minutes per mile. Because it is low-impact walking, it is safe for all ages. Some of the benefits are as follows: studies have shown that when walking you are able burn fat, shape and tone muscle, strengthen your bones and reduce stress. The American Diabetes Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week.

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Walk Away the Pounds DVD Reviews

fun and good workout

Pros: she has different dvd's so if you get bored you can choose a different tape....it use to be on comcast fitness channel..but now they have another dvd walking tape...l don't like it..so went and bought my own dvd set....not expensive and you feel great when finished!

Cons: sometimes you need a break....so either go outside and walk your dog or cat...or....run around inside your home while counting to 100(that's a min) and 10 minutes will go by soo fast!!!..l'm serious....

Overall: l just really love all her dvd's....

By geanniB