Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important vitamin to many parts of your body including bones, muscles, and immune system. Vitamin D deficiency has been found in people at risk for diabetes as well as in people with pre-diabetes, type 1, and type 2. Research has shown that vitamin D improves insulin sensitivity and decreases inflammation. The effect of vitamin D on factors related to diabetes may depend to some degree on race and ethnicity.

Vitamin D may cause unsafe levels of calcium in the blood for people with kidney disease, sarcoidosis, histoplasmosis, and overactive thyroid. It may worsen hardening of the arteries in people with atherosclerosis.

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Vitamin D

Pros: Have noticed less inflammation, better sugar control

Overall: Since I have been taking vitamin D I have had less high sugar levels, but this could be from a combination of things. I have less inflammation in my shoulder, and have not been taking anything else for it.

By rangerlina
My review

Pros: Helped with low Vitamin D

Cons: None

Overall: Was prescribed it because my vitamin D level was very low

By BreC