There is an abundance of anecdotal accounts of people with diabetes claiming that cinnamon has a blood-sugar lowering effect. Scientific studies on the subject have been mixed. A 2009 study observed that a 500 mg capsule of cinnamon taken twice a day for 90 days improved A1c levels. Other studies have shown no effect. More research is needed to determine the effect of cinnamon on blood sugar and diabetes control.

In large doses, cinnamon may cause or worsen liver disease.

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Cinnamon Reviews

Love cinnamon

Pros: I love to put cinnamon in my morning protein smoothie. If it helps lower bg, great. If not, I love the flavor.

Cons: None.

By codered51
Its good and bad for Type One Diabetic's

Pros: Helps lower your Blood Sugar when they are High but

Cons: Can keep your Blood Sugar to Low being a Type One Diabetic.

Overall: Each person is different. But being a Type One Diabetic for 32 year's now. When I took it on a daily basis it kept lowering my blood sugars too much. And had to stop taking it all together.

By SinplyWicked

Pros: I have found that this helps when I go high to bring the bG back in range.

Cons: Hard to swallow.

Overall: great it does work for me.

By KarenMR
Natural by lowering agent

Pros: I use cinnamon in my coffee. Love it, and it works.

Cons: None

Overall: Wonderful

By SueZens
Daily Sprinkles of Cinnamon

Pros: Tastes and smells good. Helps keep MY Bg lower.

Cons: None that I can notice

Overall: Use a little bit sprinkled in Hot tea or Coffee every day think it helps keep my Bg lower ( Fasting 88-94 after dinner 124-135). When diagnosed A1c was 9.1 1yr 8 months later with Diet, meds and exercise it was best of 5.7.

By PacnorwestT2D

Pros: There are several kinds of cinnamon. Some say they are all the same. I feel there is a difference, at least for me. I truly believe that quality matters. Scientific studies - I do not always trust. I think it is worth a try, but I had better numbers over time not instantly. ~ It is one piece in a very big puzzle.

Cons: Keep in mind that cinnamon in certain amounts is toxic. Just learn what that level is and stay under it.

Overall: I eat cinnamon every day.

By Unicorn_Lady