Brand Names: Capsagel, Capsagesic-HP, Arthritis Relief, Capsin, Sportsmed, Therapatch Warm, Trixaicin, Zostrix

Capsaicin is a topical cream containing a naturally occurring substance found in hot peppers, which is available over the counter and in prescriptions strength. It can cause modest improvements in peripheral neuropathy symptoms. Patients my have to take some time through gradually increasing exposure to get used to Capsaicin because of the hot sensation this cream creates. Once you have become accustomed to the hot sensation, you can experience pain relief from the cream.

Burning, itching, dryness, pain, redness, swelling, or soreness at the application site

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Capsaicin Reviews

works for me

Pros: The warmth from the cream is very comforting and seems to come alive when in warm water although not intentional . Prior to applying the capsaicin cream .025% is to soak your feet in very warm water (I use Epsom salt) I massage my feet well in the warm water then dry and apply the capsaicin cream and put on a pair of heavy socks for overnight. You must cover your hands with plastic gloves or sandwich bags and to avoid contacting eyes mouth or private parts of your body

Cons: Capsaicin cream can remain active for several days This stuff is hot and can cause unintended discomfort if not used carefully.

Overall: I fully recommend for a few dollars you can have some pain relief . " few listen and some like to complain", what more can you do?

By goso

Pros: Easy to apply.

Cons: The whole theory that you have to cause yourself pain to get out of pain does not work. The cream does burn and you must not get it wet because the burning gets worse. Does not really work for me.

Overall: Not a good one.

By Diabetes Force
But watch out!!!!!

Pros: It works good except for the after affects. Because even after 3-5 days without protection. It can burn eyes or anywhere on the body. What I did was to put on the cream then some medical gloves. After that I had no problems. .

Cons: Watch Out, because it can still burn even you take the gloves off

Overall: I w works better to gabapentin med witch

By the5thone
Home-made capsaicin cream

Pros: The retail product is very expensive, so I go to the dollar store and get some generic cream that has a bit of Tea Tree oil in it. I take about a shot glass of it and add 2 teaspoons of Tabasco or equivalent sauce and stir till it is a uniform pink colour. I rub it all over my feet in the morning and at night and the burning and tingling disappears in SECONDS. I also add about a half teaspoon of pure Tea Tree oil and this keeps the athletes foot and ringworm away. Total cost about $1:10 vs $30 for the commercial cream. Adjusting the amount of hot sauce will customize the strength for oneself.

Cons: Keep the cream away from eyes and lips.

Overall: Great.

By richardjx