Brand Names: Gralise, Neurontin

Gabapentin was originally developed as a treatment for epilepsy. Now it is commonly prescribed to treat nerve pain and is a first-line treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. It affects chemicals and nerves in the brain to interrupt certain pain signals from the nervous system. It is not used for routine pain caused by minor injuries or arthritis.

dizziness, fatigue, weight gain, drowsiness, and swelling of extremities

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Gabapentin Reviews


Pros: Helps take the edge off the Neuropothy pain.

Cons: Must watch the side effects. Swelling occurs in some people.

Overall: While this medication worked at first it has stopped working for me.

By Diabetes Force

Overall: I was on 600mg, 3 x a day + 25mg 1 x day of Amitriptylin. Evidently, Gabapentin works best when combined with this original anti-depressant. Sorry to hear of your pain. Been there...

By Type1Dude

Pros: This medication at first worked. I could tell a difference in my level of pain when I did not have this medication.

Cons: As time went on this medication stopped working.

Overall: I am currently taking 800mg 4 times a day. The VA says that this is the maximum dose allowed. I have been on this medication for 15 years now along with The 100mg of Tramadol every six hours as needed for pain. Neither of these medications are working. My pain is so severe at night that I lose a lot of sleep due to this. I have explained to my VA doctor that these medications have stopped working on me and that I need another approach. While I don't like narcotic pain medications I think that I need to look into something such as Hydrocodone low dose before bedtime. Nothing too extreme just something to take the edge off and help me sleep. The VA tried telling me that they don't write that kind of medication but I know better. People have a right to be out of pain. Its just so many people have abused the system that people who truly need that kind of medication can't get help with it. And even if they do they are looked at like criminals if they ask for it. Gabapentin while it may work for some it has stopped working for me. My quality of life has been dramatically changed because this medication has stopped working.

By Diabetes Force
Use Carnosine, it will reverse all neuropathy & rhetinopathy. Science at!

Overall: Takes bout week to start working.

By Irishguy
Gabapentin does not really work

Pros: When I take them in the morning with my pain pills, they work for about two hours. Same thing after my afternoon and night pill.

Cons: I've been up today since 5:30 and they are not working at all. While getting a casserole ready for a brunch with the ladies, I could hardly stand that how much pain (I use pain since I really can not explain how they feel) I was in.

Overall: I have been on Gabapentin for over 5 yrs. Started at 300 mg 2X a day. then about two years later up to 3X a day. About six months later the changed to 600 mg 3X a day. Last fall I was changed to 800 mg 3X a day. When the Dr. does her feel test, maybe once out of four tries I feel her touching my feet. Any other time I feel nothing except pain, pins and needles in my legs and feet and swelling and burning of my feet. The Dr. told me she is considering changing my meds or sending me to see a specialist. With out my other pain medications I'm barely holding it together.

By Mary1130
Long term use

Pros: At first it seemed to help a little but as time went on it stopped.

Cons: It really doesn't do anything for me now but the doctors keep me on 300 mgs 3 times a day. The tingling is stil there and I have lost all feeling in my feet.

Overall: It seems to work for some people but the side effects can be bad. You have to try it for yourself.

By dee430