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Despite its more recent surge in popularity, the Atkins Diet was first introduced in 1972 in the book Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution. Dr. Robert Atkins developed this low-carbohydrate diet as a means to resolve his own weight issues. The diet involves limiting carbohydrates in order to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy to converting stored fat for energy. Dr. Atkins asserts that the reason low-fat diets fail is because of hunger and that the Atkins Diet is easier because dieters feel satisfied when eating adequate protein, fat, and fiber. Because of its emphasis on avoiding carbs, the Atkins Diet may help control diabetes.

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Atkins works for me

Pros: I find the Atkins Diet an easy plan to follow. The emphasis on protein and non-starchy vegetables makes it a plan you can follow anywhere. After 3-5 days I find my sugar cravings gone. Since you don't need to count calories or carbs you are not beholding to food diaries, although you can be. It truly debunks the calories in calories out myth of dieting. If you can follow it on your own it is free (and most of the high cost diet doctors that use medication use some form of Atkins).

Cons: People around you will give you a hard time about balance, calories and the ubiquitous a little can't hurt. Once you go off even just a little cravings will return AND for some even fruit will remain off limits.

Overall: I must maintain a very strict no fruit Atkins lifestyle to maintain loss. The bars have grains and maltitol which are probably insulin raisers for anyone and a complete no-no for me. I definitely lose weight on this plan and have trouble when confronted with nay-sayers

By elaineg
American Heart Association admitted Atkins Diet was more heart-healthy than theirs as evidenced by research findings.

Pros: Johns Hopkins University tested the low carb diet recommended by Atkins against the traditional low fat diet that had been supported by conventional wisdom. The Atkins diet resulted in much more weight loss overall, with more belly fat loss than on a low fat diet.

Cons: Many overweight folks are addicted to carbs, so the first three days are the hardest.

Overall: No cravings or desire to snack between meals. Significant, steady weight loss, including in the difficult belly area.

By DrDawn