Weight Watchers Diet

The Weight Watchers Diet is a weight-loss system that includes a calorie-counting points system combined with group support and weigh-ins. The points system provides flexibility and does not specifically prohibit any foods. You can eat whatever you want--provided you stick to your daily points target, a number based on your gender, weight, height, and age. The Weight Watchers website contains points values of more than 40,000 foods. Processed foods have the highest point values while fresh fruits and vegetables carry zero points. This diet does require that a person with diabetes also incorporate an understanding of how to adjust to control blood sugars. (For example, though fresh fruits have zero points, clearly the carbs in them will affect blood sugars.)

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Weight Watchers Diet Reviews

Weight Watchers Diet

Pros: I does work to some extent.

Cons: This diet is expensive and none of the people I have seen who lose here keep the weight off.

Overall: My cousin was big into Weight Watchers for years, sold their stuff and taught their classes. She even became heavy and overweight again. My wife has joined and used this many times never with a lasting success. I think people can do much better on their own using low carb high fat diets without the high cost of Weight Watchers.

Very good up to a point

Pros: Helped me come down from being seriously morbidly obese @ 265 lbs to 210 lbs.

Cons: Very long plateaus, last one drove me to seek guidance elsewhere

Overall: My MD suggested WW on account of its structure, guide, support, and consistency. I was diagnosed diabetic with fasting glucose at 200. In the beginning I found WW to be a good plan with support and camaraderie for so many in the same predicament of needing to lose fat and weight to achieve better health. In 5 years I went from 265 to 210. Thereafter I lingered in a two year plateau and I looked elsewhere for answers which WW could address, I was diabetic and WW does address the variables. My dietician sent me to a program called Lose-It where I learned about “Metabolism Miracle” plan by RD & CDE Diane Kress who has over 30 years’ experience in fat and weight loss, and glucose control for diabetics. 18 months later I am at 180 lbs. and counting, fasting glucose of range 70 to 90, postprandial never over 120, and HgA1C of 5.3 for one solid year and no longer taking any diabetic meds – of course all under MDs supervision. WW served its initial purpose.

By Bonissima91910
Great suppport

Pros: Easy to follow

Cons: So far I have no cons

Overall: Very good so far

By Jungle5
Best Diet Ever

Pros: very easy to fallow, its all about planning. The meetings are so motivating.

Cons: the cost

Overall: great

By sdcook1958

Pros: Very easy to follow

Cons: none

Overall: GREAT!

By kellyjb53
Best diet plan

Pros: easy to do, based on Diabetic exchange list, balanced diet

Cons: feel somewhat hungry

Overall: excellent

By queenbee45