T-Slim Insulin Pump

Brand Names: Tandem

The T-Slim is the newest insulin pump on the market. It was released in August of 2012. The T-Slim has a color touch screen that is easy to navigate and is the smallest pump available with dimensions of 3.13 x 2 x 0.6 inches weighing only 3.95 oz. The software, called t:connect, is both PC and Mac compatible, you will be able to use a standard USB cable to download your data. The t:connect software is also compatible with most glucose meters. The pump draws from a uniquely designed reservoir that allows small amounts of insulin to be drawn into a chamber before being delivered. A dosage can go as low as 0.001 u/hr, the lowest dosage increment on the market. The t-slim has a reservoir size of 300u. It also has 6 basal profiles and 16 rates. The t-slim memory capabilities are 90 Days, 11,000 Events. A very unique feature of the t-slim is that the pump's battery is rechargeable.

Community Rating: 3.8

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T-Slim Insulin Pump Reviews


Pros: It has lowered my A1c. The pump is easy to use and the color is great for bad eyesight.

Cons: My uploading function had failed on 3 pumps. They replaced all three with little issue.

Overall: I like this pump because of the size and color. Customer service is very helpful.

By teresaintx
Great product, great support, and VASTLY improved A1c

Pros: Highly flexible dosing, Touchscreen interface means no scrolling, durable, rechargeable, and top-notch US-based support. The micro-dosing gives me better insulin absorption and more precision with delivery.

Cons: Cartridge fill process and priming could be faster

Overall: I LOVE THIS PUMP. I had issues with the initial style of infusion sets I tried with it (kinked cannulas), but the trainer/educator from Tandem provided me with samples of other styles to replace the ones that failed, and the company was happy to exchange all of my unused sets once I decided on a new style. Support has been top-notch- even for issues as minor as the clip breaking off the case, I had a replacement within 24 hours at no cost and with no hassles. Best of all, my A1c has gone from an 8.4% to a 6.8. I'm up to 6 basal profiles which I switch among depending on weekend/weekday, activity level, and season, and I finally feel like my treatment can keep up with my body's constantly-changing insulin needs.

By gwsuperfan
Unreliable dosing

Pros: Nice layout and screen

Cons: Unreliable dosing and too many button pushes top unlock screen

Overall: I have worn 6 or 7 different pumos over the last 23 years and this was the worst pump experience ever; It would intermittently deliver less insulin than required, several times I bloused 30 units to a syringe and only 10 ended up in the syringe; complained to FDA and they refunded the pump after trying several batches of their reservoir. Until they can prove their delivery system, it is best to stay with a traditional reservoir

By dickengel
New to T-Slim but been on another pump in the past

Pros: Touch screen is awesome. It takes some time to get used to but once mastered, it's great. The other feature I so love is the chargeable battery. Tandem has a website that allows me to upload my pump so my treatment team can view (have to give them log-in information). This has helped tremendously when I first returned to pump therapy; eliminated multiple trips to their office.

Cons: I have not experienced any

Overall: I used to be on MiniMed and stopped over 2 years ago due to what seems to be a change in their infusion sets. I didn't manage so well with 5-6 shots a day so gave-in to returning to pump therapy. I couldn't be happier with T-Slim and hope I don't return to the same experience with this pump as I did with the last.

By PhillyChick
t:Slim is everything I would have wanted my cell phone doing when it controls my pump...

Pros: The t:Slim Insulin Pump has two things going for it, only one of which is immediately obvious. The company, Tandem Diabetes,has a VERY large and deep diabetic population! The pump is used by a number of it's employees, nurses, trainers, and pump reps (my pump rep AND trainer are both type I diabetic and both use the t:slim as well as having used many other pumps between them). There is about a 75% chance of getting a pump using diabetic on the phone when you call for support and you will NOT hear "you don't know what you are doing; you don't understand how pumps work, etc. I've found the level of support far surpasses what I had when I finally was forced to leave Medtronics/Minimed.

Cons: There is NO integrated sensor (last I heard they are also in dialogue with Dexcom) and there software (like almost all other pump software) is NOT compatible with Windows 8.1, Android or a bunch of other "newer" things. It DOES take a relatively long time to start a new reservoir as the feed system is different and NOT at all designed for a fast restart.

Overall: Fantastic: would recommend it to anyone NOT afraid of the new style of human interface and not afraid of changing how their pumps work.

By Yerachmiel