OmniPod Insulin Pump

Brand Names: Insulet

The OmniPod is small, lightweight and requires no tubing. The insulin pump itself is 1.6 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches and adheres to your skin. It delivers insulin according to pre-programmed instructions transmitted wirelessly from the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). The PDM is a hand-held device that is used to program the OmniPod with customized insulin delivery instructions, monitor the operation of the OmniPod, and check blood glucose levels using FreeStyle blood glucose test strips. The OmniPod has a reservoir size of 200 units. Basal increments are 0.05 U/hr, with a maximum up to 30 U/hr. Bolus increments start at 0.05 units. The PDM has a memory of 5400 records or 90 days of data. Other special features include an integrated food database with over 1000 common food items and personalized ratios/factors/targets/presets.

Community Rating: 4.0

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OmniPod Insulin Pump Reviews

I love this treatment

Pros: Water resistant, tubeless, and customer service for the device is great.

Cons: pods malfunction about 1 in every 3-4 boxes.

Overall: Very pleased with this device.

By MisterEHollander

Pros: Tubeless design. Glucose monitor built in to PDM Waterproof Easy to use.

Cons: Premium cost- more so than other pump alternatives Annoying alerts - can't change volume or mute alerts easily. Very loud. Frequent Occlusion/Pod failures Poor customer support.

Overall: I think the Omnipod will work for many users but just not for me. I am very thin with almost no body fat and the Pods frequently have occlusions/tunneling issues. I enjoyed being Tubeless but I can't rely on the pods to give me the correct amount of insulin.

By Anonymous
wonderful for Control.

Pros: waterproof, wear inthe shower, swimming, etc. No tubing to fuss with. 200 units lasts me 2-3 days with just one poke instead of 12shots.

Cons: Stickiness of the pod is lessened by sweat and movement, but can be fixed by using something like Tegaderm. You can accidently knock off a pod on your arm when doing things like getting in the car. Need to be more aware of what you are doing. Insurance is the necessity for this and it must be preapproved by most of them.

Overall: I love this pump and would stay with it forever.

By Prayer Pal
OmniPod Freedom

Pros: My wife and myself use the OmniPod and it has given us great control over our diabetes like we was never able to do. My wife a type 1 and I am a type 2 it has made so easy to help each other. The freedom testing and plugging in what carbs we eat into the PDM, we are down. My wife just does not do math and I can. She tell me what we are eating and the carbs and I give her back what each serving carbs that would be eating. My wife would not go on a pump because of the tubing that would be always be in her way, but when we saw the OmniPod with no wires or tubing, we could not wait to get ours.

Cons: Well.....can not use in a real HOT...(hot tub) because it will cook the insulin, we keep our tub at 95 F to 96F Deg. below our body temp and have not had a problem. Insurance can be a problem and then the cost. I have been told type 2 are not covered under Medicare, but is or soon not covered. I am a large person and require a lot of insulin, the Pod only hold 200 units and I only get 2 days of use, but on the other hand, my wife may only use 100 units in 3 days.

Overall: The only problem I have had as a large person and not being graceful have pulled loose a Pod on my side as I slide a long a door way, and anything on my side would be gone. I have had a poor placement where I have hit a blood vessel, but could be a problem with anything that I may use for insulin injection. My wife and I carry a shaving kit bag with supplies and to carry our PDM in with extra POD if needed. Anyone that needs to Pump....this what we love. (((FREEDOM)))

By Larry-C
omnipod socst

Pros: love it works well and very conveniant for on work life

Cons: my insurance will not pay anything on them until my copay is met. So cost is $800.00 every 3 months. Had to go off the pump. :(

Overall: frustating due to the cost.

By billiegirl

Pros: This device cannot only get wet, but it is virtually impossible to not be able to control your diabetes. I am a former Medtronic MiniMed pump user, 3 pumps over 12 years. I have had issues lowering my A1C levels. I recently moved into the OmniPod and to my amazement, my glucose averages are dropping rapidly. Over the past 30 days, my A1C has dropped from a 10.0= 165 avg, to about an 7.5= approximation a 130 avg. I am not where I want to be yet, but I do see getting to below a 5 by the end of this year.

Cons: It only holds 200 units of insulin.

Overall: 100 percent positive, I love this new technology.

By MisterEHollander