MiniMed Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump

Brand Names: Medtronic

The MiniMed Paradigm Revel System is an integrated system that is setup to work as a standard insulin pump or with the Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). The 2 devices communicate wirelessly as the CGM sends readings to the Revel pump every 5 minutes. This pump has basal and bolus rate increments as low as 0.025 units per hour. The MiniMed Paradigm 522 has a reservoir size of 176u. The memory feature includes 4000 events, 24 boluses, and 7-day totals. The 522 has dimensions of 2 x 3 x 0.8 in. and a weight of 3.53 oz. Some additional features that the MiniMed Paradigm includes are graphs, low blood sugar predictive alerts, and a Bolus Wizard Calculator.

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MiniMed Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump Reviews

Insulin Pump

Pros: While wearing this device I was able to control my blood sugars better than the shots I am currently giving. This device gave me flexibility in my meal times and allowed me to gain some weight back that I had loss due to my diabetes.

Cons: Had a few low blood sugars due to wearing this device.

Overall: My quality of life was better when I was wearing this device.

By Diabetes Force
Products listed are not most recent models available

Pros: The information here is several years out of day (as of April 2016). Although Medtronic still sells the 523 and 723 Minimed Paradigm pumps, Medtronic introduced a newer pump, the 530G with Enlite CGM over a year ago...maybe even 2 years ago. It was the first insulin pump integrated with a CGM, as well as advanced software algorithms that enable Threshhold Suspend, which automatically stops insulin delivery temporarily when sensor (CGM) glucose levels reach a preset low level. Other manufacturers also may have newer models.

Overall: I have used the Medtronic 523 Minimed Paradigm pump since 2011. In 2015, I did not upgrade to the 530G with Enlite because Medicare will not cover the Enlite CGM portion of it and, without the CGM, there is no benefit to the upgrade. If I had CGM coverage, I would upgrade my pump to the 530G with Enlite.

By Type1Lou
Saved my life

Pros: I am very happy my doctor talked me into the miniMed Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump. It has saved my life I have had diabetes for 52 years and insulin shots were not working anymore I was getting a lot of weight on, when I was put on the pump I have lost 60lb and I feel great. No more low surfers.

Cons: I have no Cons

Overall: Love it.

By debbiez47
Insulin pump

Pros: It helps if you let the doctor help you set your basal amounts.You will have count all carbs and enter your blood sugar before meals and snacks.

Cons: none

Overall: It makes my life great!

By allied gardens
Metronic has newer pumps now

Pros: Medtronic now has the 530G pump with Enlite (CGM) . It is the 1st artificial pancreas device system with "Threshold Suspend" approved by the FDA. If I had coverage for a CGM, I would upgrade my Minimed Paradigm Revel 523 pump to this new system. I've used my current pump for the past 3 years and have gained greater control with fewer hypo episodes. I love the Bolus Wizard that calculates my dosages for me based on current BG levels and input on Carbohydrates. I love the flexibilty of being able to increase or reduce my basal levels based on factors such as illness or exercise. I love having dosages calculated to 1/100th of a unit.

Cons: Not waterproof. Not tubeless

Overall: Exceptionally positive

By Type1Lou
Pumper for 15 years

Pros: Not having to inject mutable times daily, and being to eat when you want not at a certain time in AM

Cons: Only one from me it is the Alarm on the pump is not loud enough. I have a hard time hearing it and vibrate mode eats batteries quicker.

Overall: I have been real happy with Medtronics and their Pump. I don't have the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). I use the One Touch Ultra and it links up to my pump, just take BS put in your carb count and it delivers the insulin that you and your doctor or diabetes educator have programmed in. Any time I have needed help Medtronics was there mostly questions and once my pump was acting weird after ER Doctor took it off and it it in a baggie 2 months later and sitting in insulin I got it back It was dead. One call and Medtronics sent a new one

By Grimpy56