OneTouch Ping Insulin Pump

Brand Names: Johnson & Johnson

The OneTouch Ping offers a unique meter remote, which allows you to control the insulin pump. When you use the OneTouch Ping glucose meter in combination with the Ping insulin pump, you can test your glucose levels, calculate your bolus insulin needs, and wirelessly communicate directly with the pump. The OneTouch Ping also has the smallest basal rate increment available, delivered as low as low as 0.025 u/hr, and the lowest bolus increments (0.05 u). It includes up to 12 different basal rates per day and 4 bolus delivery options. The reservoir size is 200u. The OneTouch memory records 500 Bolus, 120 daily doses, 30 alarms, 60 primes, and 270 basal deliveries. This pump is on the larger size with dimensions of 2 x 3.25 x 0.85 in. and a weight of 3.9 oz with batteries and insulin. One bonus feature included on the OneTouch insulin pump is a built-in 500-item CalorieKing food database.

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OneTouch Ping Insulin Pump Reviews


Pros: good

Cons: none

Overall: good

By James Whitener
Ping Insulin Pump System

Pros: Better control and information. Easy to change cartridges and infusion sets. Like the menu and carb calculation.

Cons: None

Overall: My experience has been very good with the system. I haven't had any issues with the Monitor or the Pump!

By Harry1946
It works well for me

Pros: Since I originally did not qualify for Medicare payment of my meter because I was one one hundredth of a point above their qualifying C-Peptide score, I bought my own meter. I chose this one because of several features: color screen that is easy to read, on board nutritional database for foods, the precise level of insulin delivery, having used One Touch glucometer for years.

Cons: The small size of the reservoir. Although the listing says it will hold 200u, the reality of it after priming the infusion set is there are only 176u for my needs. It means having to change infusion sets and insulin cartridge every two days based upon my insulin consumption.

Overall: I have had my pump for nearly three years. It failed once during that period and it was quickly replaced with overnight UPS shipment while I did the needle backup process for a day. The food database is nice but after awhile your carb counting for dosage is second nature to you and the database is seldom used. As with all pumps, timing of bolus injections is critical to maximum benefit and having gained personal knowledge and experience as to how to determine ratios and setting up correct levels by several days of closely monitor blood sugars and insulin dosage.

By rontexas2
Good & Bad

Pros: Having a meter than connects straight to the pump is an awesome feature. One of my favorites. It saves time and makes it harder to accidentally take too much, or not enough insulin form typing in the wrong reading into the pump. (Which happened to me several times with my old pump) I also like the fact that the meter is a One Touch. The past several meters I've had, before getting my Animas pump, were One Touch brands, and I felt that those meters were much more accurate than other brands that I've used. I also enjoy the color screen, and the fact that the clip that comes with the pump slips into a groove into the pump its self, rather than having to put the entire pump into a case.

Cons: I've been on the Animas One Touch Ping system for about 5 years, and I've had 4 pumps. I've had to send pumps back and get replacements numerous times because of malfunctions in the pump. I'm not hard on pumps, so I really didn't understand why I dealt with so many malfunctions. I also had difficulties getting new pumps sent to me. The second pump I had to send back took me three days to get the new one sent to me. My previous pump company, Deltec, had a pump sent overnight to me once, so I was a little disappointed at having to wait so long. Another con is that if you do not use a Lithium battery, the pump can malfunction. Now, most pumps these days may require or prefer Lithium to Alkaline, but my old pump did not.

Overall: I wouldn't trade pumping for anything. But, there are disadvantages to everything. If I had the choice to change back to my previous pump company, I would, but sadly they went out of business several years ago. The times I've had using the Animas One Touch Ping system has been okay, but I'm hoping to change pump companies in the future.

By girlluvsgod1218