Insulin Detemir

Brand Names: Levemir

Insulin detemir is a basal insulin formula, which means that it lasts for a long time in the body and acts as background insulin, with a slow absorption that mimics the constant low output of insulin produced by a healthy pancreas. Insulin detemir is used to treat type 1 diabetes and people with type 2 diabetes. In patients with type 1 diabetes, insulin detemir is always used with another type of insulin (a short-acting insulin). In patients with type 2 diabetes, insulin detemir also may be used on its own, with another type of insulin, or with oral medications for diabetes.

Hypoglycemia, Rash, Weight Gain

Community Rating: 3.0

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Insulin Detemir Reviews

good insulin

Pros: works well easy to use

Cons: cost

Overall: works well may cuase lows

By shellyj
NEW Levimer Flex Touch Pen with Nova Twist Needles

Pros: This is the most pain free and easiest way to take this medication I have ever experienced. No more twisting out the dose,,,you just turn the dial and push the button...and with the Novatwist Needles...virtually no pain, quick application and like i said pain!!! Yea...all of the insulin should have application like this...Thank You Levimer for making my nigh time dose which I now take on a regular basis.a much easier shot to take!!!

Cons: none

Overall: Better than great because now i don't skip taking the medication and my blood sugars are back in check!

By lalalinle

Pros: Long acting insulin, works dependably

Cons: Worked less than 24 hours (for me 12 hours so had to take shots every 12 hours)

Overall: I had to take it twice a day since it only worked for 12 hours for me, but so long as I took it every 12 hours it worked well.

By rangerlina
Can't take it

Pros: Did help with overnight blood sugar

Cons: Reacted badly - caused night sweats then fever - even when we tried breaking the dose between pm and am - and had to stop taking it

Overall: worked well, but I can't tolerate it and had to go to another kind of long acting insulin

By RobertaJR

Pros: I've been using this injectable since last October and I started feeling better within a week.My ac went from 10-7 within the last 3 months.

Cons: injections every night

Overall: Above average!I been a diabetic for 17 years so I lobbied hard to go to Levimir or like medication

By Dane Stetson

Pros: Helped my blood sugar come down at first.

Cons: After a yr. and half my blood sugars spiked really high and would not come down. Also I was shaking inside and I could not stop it.

Overall: Could not use it after a yr. and a half my BS was all over the place, low to very high without leveling out. My body was shaking inside really bad.

By Rose67