Insulin Glargine

Brand Names: Lantus

Insulin glargine is used along with a proper diet and exercise program to control high blood sugar. It is used in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Insulin glargine is a manmade, long-acting type of insulin that is similar to human insulin. It starts working more slowly and lasts for a longer time (about 22-24 hours) than fast-acting insulin, with a steady release for a "peakless" profile. Insulin glargine works by helping move sugar from the blood into other body tissues where it is used for energy. It works to mimic the steady background secretion of insulin from the pancreas that occurs in non-diabetics.

1. Common Cold 2. Hypertension 3. Influenzas

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Insulin Glargine Reviews


Pros: Effective in leveling out my blood sugars throughout the day.

Cons: Must eat a bedtime snack so that my blood sugar does not drop in the 3-4a.m. time frame.

Overall: Still a very good treatment for lowering blood sugar.

By Diabetes Force

Pros: It leveled out my blood sugar. Easy to use.

Cons: Too expensive .

Overall: It's working for me.

By Anonymous
Lantus Insulin works well

Pros: Lantus insulin works well at controlling my daytime blood sugars and keeps them from being really high .

Cons: none

Overall: Lantus insulin works well at controlling my blood sugar throughout the day although some days I still have a few high readings.

By Anonymous

Pros: Consistent and keeps blood sugars even (keep in mind that while the Lantus does its job, we are also expected to do our pat through consistent exercise, diet and, fast acting medications for type 1

Cons: In order for it to work properly we need to do our part, and also take the medicine at the same time each day.

Overall: Changing from Levemir to Lantus has vastly improved my control of type 1 diabetes. So long as I do the other things needed to keep diabetes in control then Lantus does its job well.

By rangerlina
My Lantus Experience

Pros: Gets numbers down. Easy to take.

Cons: not consistent. Far too expensive.

Overall: I had high expectations for Lantus that it didn't meet. Although it did get my numbers down, it wasn't consistent. I go from 320 to 84 and back. When I took it with Victoza, my numbers were in the low 100's, but that was the only time there was any consistency. I haven't suffered any side effects other than a few "bottoms".

By Anonymous

Pros: Love the way it controls my glucose levels.

Cons: I'v gained about 10 unwanted pounds. I have good insurance or I'd never be able to afford it. Its been on the market awhile now so should be cheaper considering it is a life saving drug for most diabetics. The drug companies are shameful in this regard.

Overall: It has worked wonderful for me. It keeps everything level.

By spirit101