Alternative Treatments

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to a wide range of clinical therapies outside of conventional medicine. CAM treatments may be used to supplement standard diabetes treatments like oral medications or insulin, or they may serve their own unique purpose.

Latest Diabetic Alternative Treatments Reviews


Love cinnamon

Pros: I love to put cinnamon in my morning protein smoothie. If it helps lower bg, great. If not, I love the flavor.

Cons: None.

By codered51


Its good and bad for Type One Diabetic's

Pros: Helps lower your Blood Sugar when they are High but

Cons: Can keep your Blood Sugar to Low being a Type One Diabetic.

Overall: Each person is different. But being a Type One Diabetic for 32 year's now. When I took it on a daily basis it kept lowering my blood sugars too much. And had to stop taking it all together.

By SinplyWicked