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Finding the right diabetes treatment for you can be difficult. This section is packed with research, information and reviews on the most common diabetes treatments, including oral medications, insulin, alternative treatments, diabetes diet plans and more. Read first-hand reviews from other people with diabetes about treatment side effects and benefits, and learn more about the latest diabetes treatment research.

Latest Diabetes Treatment Reviews


Glipizide and Onglyza

Pros: I am on both of these. When my sugar is higher then the range the doc wants it in he has me take a glipizide to bring it down. Onglyza is easier on the Kidneys.

Cons: Glipizide is a short acting Having to take any of it.

Overall: I have been in kidney failure once due to the diabetes, blood pressure, and my Crohn's Disease because I was so dehydrated and yet I was swelled from all the pressure that the diabetes and blood pressure had put on me.

By azmumm

Beta Blockers


Pros: Both are good at lowering bp Lisinopril protects the kidney function and Atenolol is good for controlling chest pain,

Cons: Having to take one in the morning and one at night the Atenolol will make you sleepy

Overall: Taking the both of them have kept my bp down for years and I am doing better then I have in a while.

By azmumm