What do I do if I am not feeling well and I have no appetite AT ALL? I am a type 2 diabetic.

Amy Campbell


There certainly may be times when you are ill and are unable to eat your usual foods, or simply have no appetite. During an illness, blood glucose levels often increase, as any kind of stress on the body (e.g., illness, surgery, dental or medical procedures) releases hormones that raise blood glucose. However, it’s important that you try and eat or drink something that contains carbohydrate during this time to provide your body with the energy and nutrients that it needs to recover. Also, if you take insulin or certain types of diabetes pills called sulfonylureas, your risk for low blood glucose is increased if you take these medicines without eating. It’s important that everyone with diabetes have a “sick day” plan, which is a guide that helps you know what to do with your medicine and your eating plan when you aren’t feeling well. As part of your sick-day plan, stock up on foods and beverages that are easy on the stomach, such as chicken noodle soup, regular Jello and popsicles, oatmeal, saltines, toast, pudding, custard, sherbet, and regular gingerale. Also keep sugar-free Jello and beverages on hand, and alternate eating or drinking the regular versions with the sugar-free versions. It’s important that you stay hydrated when you are ill. While you may not be able to eat your usual meals, try and eat or drink one of these types of foods for energy and nutrition. If you have persistent nausea and vomiting, you should call your healthcare provider for further instructions.

October 17, 2012 at 8:28 am