Hi! My question is how come after not eating for 4 hours does my blood sugar go up? I did my regular blood sugar 2 hours after eating and it was 310, 2 hours after that it was 345. I had not eaten a thing since my dinner that night. This is my second time being diagnosed with Diabetes. When I was pregnant I had it. Then about a year later I was diagnosed with it again. I had broken my Left ankle and dislocated my right knee and have just had a rough time getting my Baby weight off. Tracy

Amy Campbell


Great question! Usually, blood glucose levels are at their highest about 2 to 3 hours after eating. However, if you have diabetes and are either not taking any medicine to treat it, or are not taking enough medicine, blood glucose levels will continue to increase, whether you’ve eaten or not. You didn’t mention if you are taking any medicine for your diabetes, but the fact that your 2-hour post-meal glucose reading was 310 is concerning. It appears as if your body is not making enough insulin to adequately control your blood glucose levels, and even if you are taking medicine, it’s not enough. You may need a higher dose and/or you may need to take another type of medicine. Please call your healthcare provider promptly to discuss your diabetes treatment plan.

October 14, 2012 at 3:27 pm