I've tried everything to lose weight, but haven't; what can I do? My doctor keep telling me I need to lose weight. I'm about 80lbs overweight. I do exercise but nothing happens. Sometime I feel like given up. Please help.

Amy Campbell


Losing weight can certainly be challenging, and some people have an easier time than others. The best approach for losing weight (and keeping it off) is to choose a plan or a program that addresses both your food intake and your level of physical activity. Only focusing on one area and not the other is not enough. To lose weight, you need to cut back on your calorie intake and increase your physical activity. Before you give up though, consider one of the following: ask your doctor for a referral to meet with a dietitian for weight loss guidance; join a commercial program (such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, all of which offer programs for people with diabetes); or, find out if there are any weight loss/weight management programs in your community, such as at your local hospital or perhaps the YMCA. There are also online weight management programs, like Calorie King and eDiets. I’d strongly advise that you not try to “go it alone,” but rather, enlist the help of a dietitian or a structured program to provide you with the support, knowledge and encouragement that you need to be successful.

October 10, 2012 at 2:08 pm