Can you recommend a healthy diet that will allow me to regain weight? While most diabetics need to keep their weight down, I need to gain weight. Unfortunately, I recently have not been able to afford the proper diabetic care to keep my blood sugar intact. As a result, my weight has gone down to the lower 100's (my height is 5 6").

Amy Campbell


Gaining weight can often be just as challenging, if not more so, than losing weight. First, if you have lost weight because of high blood glucose levels, it’s very important that you talk with your healthcare provider about your treatment plan. You most likely need more and/or a different type of diabetes medication to help keep your blood glucose levels in a safe range. This step needs to be a priority, as high glucose levels, if left untreated, can increase your risk for complications. Also, it will be very difficult for you to gain weight if your blood glucose continues to run high. If you are having issues with affording your medicines, let your provider know. He or she can likely give you information on medication assistance programs or perhaps prescribe a lower-cost medication for you. Second, try increasing your calorie intake from protein and fat foods, rather than carbohydrate foods. Increasing your carbohydrate intake will only lead to higher blood glucose levels. Some ways to boost calories include adding more vegetable oil, peanut butter, salad dressing, or trans-fat-free margarine to your foods. Snack on nuts or seeds. Include an avocado in your salad. Also, as long as you don’t have any issues with your kidneys, you could eat a little more protein at your meals, such as poultry, fish, eggs or lean meat. If you have health insurance, ask your provider to refer you to a dietitian who can give you more specific suggestions for gaining weight.

October 9, 2012 at 2:11 pm