What is the difference between using metformin along with glipizide and using metformin by itself? Would using glipizide along with metformin decrease my bg levels more than it I were just taking metformin? I take 2,000mg metformin a day. I have been eating right and exercising right.Yet my ng levels in the morning are around 245 and the lowest I have seen hem get is 125 but I have seen more higher numbers than lows.Mostly 170-245. I don't know what I ccould be doing wrong.My favorite place ses

Dr. David Erani


The fact that your blood glucose numbers are higher than you would like does not mean that you are doing anything wrong. Managing your diabetes can be pretty demanding. You shouldn’t too hard on yourself. When one diabetes medicine is not enough to get the blood glucose numbers where they need to be, we add a second one from a different class. In this case, the effect of the glipizide would add to the effect of the metformin. As a result, your blood glucose levels will be lower than they would be on either medication alone. This works because each of the medications lowers blood glucose in a different way.

October 5, 2012 at 9:39 am