Where do I get a list of carbs in fruit and dried fruit ? Is there a differnt from dried and fresh

Amy Campbell


I’d suggest that you purchase a carb or food counts book, available in your nearby bookstore or online. Two examples are The Calorie King Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter by Allan Borushek, and The Complete Book of Food Counts by Corinne Netzer. You can also access the Calorie King food database, free of charge, online at Dried fruit tends to be more concentrated in carbohydrate than fresh fruit, because water is removed from the fruit during the drying process. So, for example, one ounce of dried apple rings (about 5 rings) contains 21 grams of carb. That’s the same amount of carb that’s in a 5-ounce (medium-size) apple. In general, you can eat a larger volume of fresh fruit than dried fruit for the same calories and carbohydrate. While you can certainly eat dried fruit, you’ll need to be more careful of your portions.