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I want to know whether the Stevia is good to use?

Amy Campbell


The new sweeteners on the market that contain stevia actually contain what is called stevia extract. This is not the same as the stevia that one can purchase in a health food store. Nonetheless, the new stevia-based sweeteners, which currently include Truvia, PureVia and Stevia in the Raw, are all non-nutritive sweeteners. This means that they don’t contain calories or carbohydrate, so you can use them in your eating plan, just as you would use aspartame, saccharin or sucralose. These sweeteners, by themselves, do not impact blood glucose levels. You can bake with some of them, too, but check the package or the product’s website for instructions. There’s no real benefit to using a stevia-based sweetener over other types of non-nutritive sweeteners. The decision is usually based on individual preference, as one may taste different to you than another.

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Coach Cheryl
Coach Cheryl 2014-03-02 13:20:53 -0600 Report

I have done extensive research into sweeteners and have found that Stevia is actually one of the best sweeteners to use. It is a plant that is found in warmer climates. Though as was stated when mixed with other sweeteners (as is the case with Truvia, PureVia and Stevia in the Raw) the benefit is severely diminished. What you want when looking for Stevia is a pure brand, no other sweeteners added for bulk.. Sweatleaf brand has only Stevia as the sweetener and uses Inulin fiber for bulk. You can get it in the supermarket but it is expensive. You can get it from online vitamin stores (swanson vitamins has the best pricing I've found so far) much cheaper. The fiber can bother some people initially but usually your body adjusts. If not you can get Sweatleaf Organic which doesn't have the fiber and is a bit more expensive. The benefits of using Stevia are ten fold the main ones being it not only has no calories, nothing on the glycemic index and doesn't spike it has also been known to help regulate glucose levels as well as blood pressure in the body when used regularly. It's natural and if using the right brand extracted and filtered naturally and has been used for centuries in Portugal and Africa.

spirit7 2014-02-24 08:43:39 -0600 Report

The benefit of using stevia is that it is a natural plant whereas artificial sweeteners have proven to be extremely unhealthy for you. I try to use only stevia and prefer a quality brand such as Sweet leaf from local health food store. If you want to learn more about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, go to This is only one site, there are many more!