Hi: I'm a newby to type 2 diabetes. I have had Gastropareses for many years. I working on getting my BG down to 120 when I wake up. Last night just before I went to bed I checked and I was at 101 which I felt good about, but this morning I wake and I'm at 147. I hadn't eaten or drank anything during the night, how can the number jump up like that . I frustrated please give me some advice. Thanks Jim Morris

Amy Campbell


It’s actually quite common for blood glucose levels to rise overnight. Sometimes this happens because of what you have eaten at dinner or as a snack the night before. But frequently, high morning blood glucose levels are a result of the liver releasing glucose in the very early morning hours. Certain hormones, like cortisol and growth hormone, signal the liver to release glucose. Also, if the body isn’t using insulin as efficiently as it should (as is the case if one has type 2 diabetes), the liver gets the message that there isn’t enough glucose to fuel the body’s cells, so it releases glucose in response to what the body thinks is a shortage of energy (even though there’s plenty of glucose in the bloodstream). While it is understandably frustrating for you, keep in mind that this happens to many people with diabetes. If you are seeing a pattern of higher glucose numbers first thing in the morning, let your healthcare provider know. You may be able to lower your fasting glucose readings by making some changes in your eating and physical activity plans. But most likely, you may need to either start taking a medicine or increase the dose of a medicine that you’re already taking to help better manage your blood glucose overnight.

September 5, 2012 at 3:07 pm

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