Hello, my name is Carlos and I am new here. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2000. I went cold turkey, I started exercising and eating right. Over time, I got it under control. Right around 2009, everything in my life went down the tubes. My sugar went out of control and I really did not care. Now I feel at my worst. I wake up in pain, sluggish and really do not want to move. It has effected my life, my work and a whole lot more. I am looking for a new doctor. I live in NJ.

Amy Campbell


Hi Carlos. It’s very common for life to interfere with diabetes management and to get off track. The good news is that you seem ready to get back on track! You might start by contacting your local hospital or medical center and asking to speak to someone from the outpatient diabetes department. They can likely give you the names of physicians who specialize in diabetes care. Your health plan should also be able to provide you with a listing of qualified physicians, as well. Another suggestion is to contact your local branch of the American Diabetes Association, which is in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Their phone number is 732-469-7979. Finally, ask around! Some of your friends, neighbors or co-workers likely have diabetes and may be able to suggest a provider , too.