Hello :) i was recently diagnosed wiht type 2 diabetes - and started metformin about a month ago 500ml per day - my bsls (bgls) are around 10 to 12 mmol after meals and before around 10 - occasionally a 9 or 8 so not too bad - and my question is this - I find myself exhauseted al the time - its like i have sleeping sickness - i can sleep easily 24 hours or longer my record standing at 50 hours not including toilet and drink breaks - does this sound like its to do wiht Diabetes? I have had blood tests and the only physical thing worng wiht me apart form a back injury is Diabetes. I do suffer from depression and PTSD from an attack - but this doesnt feel like depression - I ma just so tired i cant get out of bed - any thoughts? solutions? magic cures (pleasssseeeeeeeeeee :) ) - thanks in a dvance :)

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January 10, 2012 at 9:50 am