What are the side affects of long-term insulin use? I am on an Animas insulin pump, take HUMILIN UR 500, and have been on a high dose for five years.

Dr. William Sullivan


You mention that you have been taking high doses of Humulin R U500 for the past 5 years. U500 insulin is a more concentrated form of regular insulin, being 5 times more potent than the usual Humulin R U100 insulin. U500 insulin is used in for type 2 diabetes where there is a significant amount of tissue resistance to insulin. U500 insulin is used when large doses of U100 do not result in adequate diabetes control. U500 insulin is associated with the same side effects as U100 insulin, which include weight gain and low blood glucose levels. U500 does not appear to have any unique side effects, that is, different from other types of insulin. I recommend that you review any concerns that you have about U500 insulin with your health- care provider.