I was wondering why I have a tight knot in my upper abdomen right after I eat a meal, and what I can do to get rid of it? It's really uncomfortable.

Dr. William Sullivan


There are a number of causes of discomfort in the right upper abdomen after eating a meal. If you develop right upper abdomen discomfort 1-2 hours after eating a fatty meal, that might indicate gallstone disease. However, pain from gallstone disease also occurs unrelated to a meal in a significant number of patients. Other causes of right upper abdomen discomfort include biliary disease (problems in the bile duct) or liver problems (such as hepatitis). If discomfort occurs in the right upper area of the abdomen with some discomfort in the middle of the abdomen (called the “epigastric” area), then pancreatitis or stomach problems should be considered. It is essential that you review your symptoms with your healthcare provider so that a full evaluation of your symptoms can be undertaken.