I'm on the Atkins diet, but when I eat red meat it seems that my blood sugar goes up. Why is that? I'm trying to get into shape. I have type 1 diabetes and losing weight seems so tough.

Amy Campbell


Assuming that you aren’t having hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and then rebounding with high blood glucose, my best guess is that you’ve restricted your carbohydrate intake to the point where your liver is releasing glucose into the bloodstream. This can happen when you haven’t eaten enough carbohydrate and the body thinks that it’s entering “starvation” mode.” As a result, the liver releases glucose from stored glycogen to help fuel your cells and muscles. However, I’m not sure what else you’re eating or what you might be putting on your meat, for example, so I’d suggest that you meet with a dietitian experienced in diabetes who can review your food intake and your blood glucose results, and advise you on a more healthful, realistic eating plan for weight loss.