Are there any OTC products I can use to soak my feet?

Patty Bonsignore


In general, we do not recommend soaking the feet when you have diabetes. Soaking the feet can cause the skin to dry out, and usually patients with diabetes already have problems with dry skin. The second reason we do not recommend soaking the feet is that many people with diabetes also have a condition called “neuropathy.” Neuropathy is an irritation of the nerves caused by high blood glucose levels. This irritation can cause numbness, tingling and even loss of sensation. When a person has a loss of sensation in their feet they cannot feel pain, light sensation or temperature properly. If water is too hot, a patient with neuropathy will not be able to feel it, and could easily burn themselves. Your doctor should be checking you for neuropathy at least once a year with a simple monofilament test done right in the office. If you haven’t been checked lately, ask your doctor to check you for neuropathy the next time you are seen.

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