Ladida 35


Is it possible for a 65 yr old woman diagnosed with diabetes with an A1C of 5.8 and having lost 70 lbs since then and now striving to lose the remaining 45 lbs be able to discontinue metformin? I am 5'6" tall and I believe the normal range for me is 130 - 150 lbs. I prefer lifestyle over drugs & I follow low glycemic, blood type and Mediterranean principles. I also concentrate on veggies, fruit, bean, poultry & seafood. I am beginning a raw food plan. I've never had to test my blood. diana

Farrah M


Hi Diana! Congrats on the weight loss, you must feel great!! Unfortunately, I am not a medical professional so I really cannot answer this question. However, I would definitely consult a doctor, dietician or even a diabetic educator who should be able to answer this and any other questions you might have. Apologies I could not be of more help!

July 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm