How do I prevent bruising after injection?

Patty Bonsignore


The issue of bruising with injections is a tricky one because the problem does not show up consistently. A person could bruise one day for no apparent reason and then for several days have no problems. To prevent bruising after injections, it is sometimes helpful to let go of the pinch before removing the needle. This helps to disperse the fluid more evenly throughout the tissues and may lessen the chance of bruising. When pinching up, make sure not to squeeze the area too tightly, a gentle squeeze is usually sufficient. Also, when you puncture the skin with the needle, make sure not to do this too aggressively, the needles are very thin and sharp and usually puncture the skin easily without a lot of need for excessive force. The needle length may also make a difference. Using a shorter needle when injecting and/or injecting straight into the tissue rather than at an angle may also help. In addition, some areas may be more prone to bruising than others. Try to determine areas that are more sensitive for you and try to avoid these areas when injecting.