How I can bring my A1C down? My A1C was 7.6, then 7.9 and now it's spiked to 8.00. I work an evening shift and my lunch time is not fixed. Every day different. Is that a possible reason for my A1c going up? Sometimes when I come home from work, my blood sugar level is down to 83. I also feel very tired. I should exercise, but I don't because of my night shift job. Please advise me.

Patty Bonsignore


There are four main ways to control diabetes: by controlling the amount and type of carbohydrates you eat, by increasing physical activity, by taking medications, and by checking your blood glucose with a meter. It sounds like you are having difficulty exercising and eating a consistent lunch due to your night shift work. Even 10 minutes of fast walking 3 times per day can help increase your fitness level, so it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time. If your A1C is going up it may mean that you need more diabetes medication. As you talk to your doctor, make sure to let him or her know that you have trouble eating your meals at the same time each day. This will be important because some diabetes medications require that you eat your meals at consistent times, and others do not. You will want to try the medications that give you more flexibility with your meal timing first. Seeing a nutritionist to talk about healthy eating and checking your blood glucose more often are also important ways to get the A1C under control. So that you and your doctor will have information to determine the best plan for you, check your blood glucose before meals and before sleep for one to two weeks, write down the numbers and take them to your next appointment. And lastly, getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day may help lower your blood glucose levels.