Hi Dr. Bill. I am T2 diabetes 8 yrs. I eat ok now, but I still eat too many carbs. I really dont know how many carbs, protien to eat each meal. 2 mths ago I was taking, Amaryl 1 a day, 30u of Humalog 3xs a day, 45u Lantus at night. Am Bs still over 200. 2 mths ago stopped everything. Now ONLY taking 20u of U-500 3 xs a day. No oral d meds. Am Bs past 3 days in the 30's. Eat a bit of sugar & protein 2-3 hrs later up to 300-400. Then start all over again. Stopped eating at night past 10 days.

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July 7, 2012 at 11:00 pm