How do I go about finding an registered dietician that takes Medicare? I was diagnosed a year ago and now I'm having a terrible time. I can't seem to get a handle on simple, quick meals. I struggle from breakfast to dinner. Help!

Amy Campbell


I’m glad that you’re asking about finding a dietitian. It can be difficult to try and manage your diabetes on your own and it’s recommended that everyone with diabetes meet with a dietitian for assistance with meal planning. My first suggestion for you is to ask your physician for a referral to see a dietitian. Medicare requires a doctor’s referral in order for you to meet with a dietitian (and for the dietitian to get reimbursed). Your doctor may know of a dietitian whom you can see, or you can contact your local hospital or medical center. Most dietitians who work in an outpatient setting accept Medicare, but you should be sure to ask when you make an appointment. If you have difficulty finding a dietitian in your area, visit the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition’s website at There is a link at the top of the screen called “Find a Dietitian” and you should be able to find someone in your community with whom you can work.

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You can do a search online (Google or any other search engine) for someone in your local area (city, county) then call them and acquire as much information as you can and set up an appointment.
You can also check with a local hospital or clinic in your area for a recommendation.
The link below may help you, just click on it: