Mama 1


I ate two pieces of pizza and some nacho dip at my grandson's birthday party. My sugar went up to 228. Later my back hurt; does the high sugar affect my kidney?

Amy Campbell


High blood glucose levels typically do not cause pain of any kind, so it’s doubtful that your blood glucose of 228 caused your back pain. However, blood glucose levels that are high over an extended period of time can lead to certain complications of diabetes. These include eye disease, heart disease, nerve damage and kidney damage. There are usually no symptoms of diabetic kidney disease in the early stages, and back pain is not a usual symptom of this complication. You should have screening tests regularly for your eyes, heart, nerves and kidneys to help prevent and detect early signs of complications so that they can be treated. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions about the tests and exams that you should have. Also, let your provider know if your back pain persists.