When I was diagnosed a year ago I had lost 30 lbs., but since then I've regained 10 lbs. I live with my girlfriend who isn't diabetic, so it's hard to eat a healthy meal. She loves pasta, potatoes and meat and likes to eat late at night. I usually do not eat past 9 p.m. or try to at least, and if I do, it's like a cucumber. Any ideas of how I can deal with this?

Amy Campbell


Congratulations on your weight loss – and for keeping most of it off! It’s not uncommon to gain some weight back after you’ve lost it, and you’re smart to try and address it sooner rather than later. My main piece of advice for you is to have a talk with your girlfriend. Let her know that it’s important for you to reach and stay at a healthy weight for your diabetes and your health, and that having her support would be helpful. If she has a better understanding of how you need to manage your diabetes, she may be willing to compromise and eat meals earlier or eat fewer high-carb meals, for example. You might find it helpful to meet with a dietitian to develop an eating plan that can help you lose weight – and maybe your friend would join you for the visit. However, it’s also important to realize that it’s ultimately your responsibility to plan and prepare your meals and eat in a manner that’s best for you. This may mean that you prepare a separate meal for yourself that’s lower in calories and carbohydrate, and/or that you eat your meals earlier in the evening. Don’t forget the other part of the weight management equation, too, and that’s regular physical activity. Maybe your friend would be willing to go walking or take a class with you. Let her know how she can help you, but if she’s not willing to make changes to her lifestyle, seek support elsewhere – through your healthcare team, by attending a local support group or exercise program, or joining a commercial weight loss program, for example.

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GabbyPA 2013-08-01 07:18:31 -0500 Report

I am in a similar situation and getting the family on board is not always easy. But I have found that I make more excuses for them than they do, so I really have to crack down and get to it again like I did in the beginning. Some days it's just easier to give in that do what is right for me. Being here helps me a lot to keep my goals in focus.