Can you tell me more about Joslin?I am new to being a diabetic, and I have never heard of Joslin Diabetes Center.

Amy Campbell


Located in the Longwood Medical Center in Boston, MA, Joslin Diabetes Center is an affiliate of Harvard Medical School and is the world’s largest diabetes research center, diabetes clinic, and provider of diabetes education. Joslin Diabetes was founded in 1898 in Boston by Elliott P. Joslin, a renowned diabetes physician who firmly believed that the key to managing diabetes is with patient involvement, education and empowerment. Joslin focuses solely on research, care and treatmentof diabetes, its complications and related conditions . In addition, Joslin has the world’s largest team of board-certified physicians treating diabetes and its complications, as well as the largest staff of Certified Diabetes Educators anywhere in the world. The main Joslin center is in Boston, but there are are over 40 Joslin Affiliates located in hospitals throughout the country, and internationally, too. For more information, visit Joslin’s website at

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Bluegill88 2012-05-22 19:08:07 -0500 Report

Sorry I mistaking call you Amy Clark. For give me Ms. Amy Campbell. I appreciate your answer to my question.