When I take my sugar after my evening meal, it is usually 122-150. But in the morning before eating my sugar is 190-225. Is this normal for me, or should I be concerned?

Patty Bonsignore


It is best to start the day with a blood glucose level of between 70 and 130, 190 to 225 is really too high, so it will be important for you to lower this morning number. There are a number of reasons blood glucose levels can be high in the morning, including snacking before bed, eating in the middle of the night, having high fat meals at supper, or just not taking enough medicine to control the diabetes. If you do snack after supper, make sure the snack is high in protein and low in carbohydrate. If you do not snack after supper, most likely you will need medicine to help control your blood glucose overnight. Metformin is often used for this purpose. If you are already on metformin, ask your doctor if your dose can be increased or another medicine added. Also, taking a 20 to 30 minute brisk walk in the evening should also help bring the morning numbers down.

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Hi I love the question too I am also for many years waking up in 200 and 300's every morning no high sugar snacks nothing after 6pm but water and still I am on metformin 1000 mg's two times a day I garden always moving around and walk some times I bike but nothing also I am on fast acting insulin every time I eat witch is mostly 3 times a day and one power bar herbalife one no sugars and levermir insulin be for bed 40 mg's. and 40 in the morning leavels during the day use to be high but now are much lower in the 70- 140's way wont mine go lower?