If you can't tolerate Metformin what other drug options are there?

Dr. William Sullivan


There are a number of other options if one cannot tolerate metformin. For some who cannot tolerate regular metformin, extended release metformin may be better tolerated. If both regular and extended release metformin are not tolerated, other oral medication options include a sulfonylurea (such as Glipizide or Glimepiride), a DDP-4 inhibitor (Januvia, Tradjenta, or Onglyza), or a TZD(such as Actos). There are a number of injectable medications that can be used as well, including Byetta, Bydureon or Victoza. Also, insulin would also be an alternative. Each of these medications has their own benefits and side effects. You should talk with your healthcare provider about which medication he or she would recommend given your particular circumstances.