Hi, I am an RN CDE, and I was asked a question last evening by one of the members I talk with. Where can you send me to find out how many carbs a person needs to eat before, during and after a marathon and ultra marathon? Thanks for any help on finding this answer. Barb

Amy Campbell


The amount of carbohydrate a person needs, whether he or she is a marathoner or not, varies from person to person and is based on many factors, such as age, gender, body weight, activity level and overall diabetes control. That’s why we recommend everyone with diabetes meet with a dietitian for a thorough nutrition assessment, which can help determine that person’s carbohydrate requirements. There are dietitians who specialize in sports medicine, and you may be able to find someone in your community by doing a search on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s website at www.eatright.org. Referring someone who is training for a marathon to an exercise physiologist or personal trainer well-versed in diabetes management is also ideal; he or she can work with the person’s dietitian to fine-tune their eating plan, based on their level and extent of training. Also, there are two books written by a diabetes expert that may be helpful: “The Diabetic Athlete” and “Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook,” both by Sheri Colberg.

April 21, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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