After 25 years of being told I was allergic or resistant to long lasting insulins, my new endo has changed my insulins all together. I had been on Humalin Regular insulin for 25 years and now the new docotor put me on Novolog and Levemir. I am not seeing anything evening out on these; I've been on them for a week. I fax them my BS weekly. I was having reactions in the middle of the night so they reduced the amount of Levemir that I take at bedtime to 15 units from 20. Is this normal?

Amy Campbell


It may take several weeks for your insulin doses to be regulated, especially when you first start on two different types of insulin. Given that you have had low blood glucose reactions during the night, it’s unlikely that you are resistant to insulin. The key is finding the amount of insulin that works best for you, and I’m assuming that your healthcare provider is helping you with insulin adjustments. I suggest that, for now, you aim to eat a consistent amount of carbohydrate at your meals and snacks from day to day, as doing so will make it easier to figure out how your doses should be adjusted. If you need help with consistent carbohydrate counting, ask your provider to refer you to a dietitian.

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margokittycat 2012-06-05 08:11:45 -0500 Report

I have been on this now for 8 weeks and there is no diference in my BS and they have been adjusting the doses. I do not eat carbs in the normal sense. I eat meat, cheese, fruits and veggies.