What happens to a diabetic if you eat whatever you want, whenever you want?

Amy Campbell


Assuming that you have diabetes, what would likely happen is that you would have high blood glucose levels fairly consistently. If a person does not have diabetes, insulin is secreted from the pancreas whenever that person eats food or drinks a beverage containing carbohydrate. If a person has type 1 diabetes, that person no longer makes insulin, so he or she must inject insulin to “cover” any carbohydrate that is consumed; otherwise, blood glucose levels will become too high. In the case of a person with type 2 diabetes managed by healthy eating and physical activity, that person needs to control portions and carb intake, and eat somewhat on a regular schedule. Eating too much or eating randomly can also cause high blood glucose. And for people who take medication (pills and/or insulin) to manage type 2 diabetes, again, portion and carb control, along with a regular eating schedule are important factors in keeping blood glucose and A1C levels in a safe range. Apart from glucose control, whether one has diabetes or not, eating whatever you want, whenever you want can often lead to weight gain.