What is stomach neuropathy all about?

Dr. William Sullivan


Stomach neuropathy (also called gastroparesis or delayed gastric emptying) can be seen in patients with diabetes. The symptoms include nausea or vomiting, bloating, feeling full soon after eating, and abdominal pain. These symptoms are related to the stomach not emptying normally and food remaining in the stomach for a longer period. Tests that are used to detect this condition include gastric emptying scan, upper endoscopy and upper G.I. series. Treatment includes eating smaller meals, as well as cutting back on foods with high fat or fiber content. It is especially important to keep blood glucose under control if one has stomach neuropathy as high glucose levels themselves can slow stomach emptying. There are also medications that can help make the stomach empty faster. If you have any symptoms suggestive of gastroparesis, you should discuss it further with your healthcare provider.

December 30, 2011 at 8:43 am

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ILGa 2012-02-02 00:10:57 -0600 Report

Hello all, I've been a diabetic for over 10 years now and have within the last 2 years developed gastroparesis. You mentioned Reglan. That drug is the worst! My new find…Domeperidone. Speak to your doctor about this medication from Canada. No more nausea, bloating or stomach pains. LOVE IT!

Nana Jt
Nana Jt 2012-01-30 10:32:28 -0600 Report

My daughter has gastroparesis and is currently in the hospital. She has abdominal irritation, enlarged spleen, fatty liver and had three different infections in her body. She also has taken reglan and had reactions to it. Will she ever feel better?

jacquie sue
jacquie sue 2012-01-27 12:52:41 -0600 Report

my daughter has had diabetes 38 years with some islet cell function left but not enough to live without insulin. Because of the gastroparesis appetite down. Is taking nexus, laxatives,fiber supplement, etc. please add to comment by jacquie sue

jacquie sue
jacquie sue 2012-01-27 12:33:16 -0600 Report

my daughter has this problem. She now has ulcers both duodenal and gastric which are prone to massive bleeding. Last year she required 410 units of blood transfusions. She has bilroth procedure and nuclear screening of the abdomen for bleeds. I brought my daughter to Josline when she was first diagnosed but I keep having recommendations to go to mayo. Should she plan to try to come there. Her control is fairly good but she has depleted fe stores in liver, spleen and bone marrow.i

Anonymous 2012-01-26 21:49:00 -0600 Report

I have gastroparesis and the problems of constipation and fullness etc My gastroenterolgist has prescribed Miralax and laxatives and stool softeners and says get plenty of fiber-I still have some problems and constantly fight nausea(not bad but very annoying) When it gets really bad I dry heave without vomiting. I did use Reglan for a number of years and now have Parkinsonism as a result. Can you suggest anything else I can do My diabetes is well controlled at times and then it goes wonky and we work on it again.

semergian 2012-01-26 19:04:02 -0600 Report

Is the neuropathy that affected the nerves of the hand&legs are normal to do their job without injury?what is the relation with injury like herinated disc in neck&legs?and nueropathy of stomach is before affected the nerves of hand&legs or after?Please i need an answer in details.thank you.