I have just recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was put on Tradjenta and Glimepiride. Currently I am taking them at the same time I take all my other medications. Should I be separating them out and taking one in the morning and one at night?

Dr. William Sullivan


Tradjenta and Glimepiride are both medications that can be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Tradjenta is in the DPP-4 inhibitor class and Glimepiride is in the sulfonylurea class. Tradjenta is taken once daily with or without food. Glimepiride is taken once or twice daily (depending on your prescription) – usually before meals (breakfast and/or supper). These 2 medications are quite compatible and can be taken together. If you are taking both medications once daily, then you could certainly take both in the morning before breakfast. Why don’t you discuss the timing of the medications with your healthcare provider, as he or she will know your individual case best.