I just had blood work done and my cholesterol is good—HDL, LDL, triglycerides all good—but my sugar is elevated (106) and my A1c is 5.8. The doctor said I'm insulin resistant or pre-diabetes. I am 54, have never had sugar problems and I'm not overweight. I clean houses for a living at least three days a week. I have cut out refined carbs and have lost 5 lbs without planning to. My current weight is 111. I am 5 ft tall. I am menopausal and just started on some bioidentical hormones. Should I get a meter to test my blood sugar? if so what kind and how often should I test?

Dr. William Sullivan


You mention that your glucose level was 106 – it is important to note whether this test was done fasting (before breakfast) or later in the day. If this test was done fasting, then it would be considered slightly elevated (impaired fasting glucose), but it does not meet the criteria for diabetes. Your A1C is in the upper normal range and thus you would be considered to be at increased risk for developing diabetes in the future. It is helpful that you are active and not overweight. You do not mention if there is any family history of diabetes which would also put you at increased risk for developing diabetes in the future. It is important that you follow a healthy meal plan. In general, testing your blood glucose at home would not be necessary, but I would recommend that you have regular follow-up with your healthcare provider who can do follow-up testing, including fasting glucose level and A1C.