How can I get rid of a very painful muscle ache? I am type 2DM. I also have hypertension and am on medication for both conditions. I get a muscle pull on my thigh and calf muscles on both legs. I take calcium with vitamin D and also vitamin b1, b6 and b12t daily.

Dr. William Sullivan


Muscle pains in the thigh and calf muscles can occur for a number of reasons. At times, muscle symptoms can be related to abnormalities in blood levels of calcium, potassium or thyroid hormones. Another possible cause of muscle pains is the use of medications such as the statins in the treatment of high cholesterol levels. Statin medications can occasionally cause increased muscle pains, although most patients tolerate the statin medications without this side effect. Certainly pains in the thighs and calves can be related to muscle strain and/or tendonitis. As there are many possible causes of leg muscle pains, it would be a good idea to have an evaluation by your healthcare provider in order to identify the cause.