Is it normal for me to be on metformin 500mg x3 a day, glyburide 5 mg x2 a day, fast acting insulin (novolog) before each meal, and Lantus before bed? I was diagnosed as type 1 a few weeks ago but I C-peptide showed some insulin being produced (1.23 ng/mL). I feel like I'm in diabetes limbo and I don't want to be taking something if I don't need it. Thank you.

Dr. William Sullivan


It sounds like you were initially thought to have type 2 diabetes and treated with Metformin and Glyburide – but insulin was needed and now you are taking both oral diabetes medications used in type 2 diabetes as well as insulin. You mention that you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so I wonder whether that was based on positive antibody tests for type 1 diabetes. If one’s antibody tests are more consistent with type 1 diabetes, usually the oral medications are subsequently discontinued and insulin alone is used. I would suggest that you discuss with your healthcare provider whether you still need to take the oral diabetes medications or whether insulin alone would suffice. There may be considerations with your particular case that indicate that oral medications should be used, so it is important to discuss these issues with your healthcare provider.

December 28, 2011 at 8:06 pm