Lori in Arvada


Can you give me information on Bydureon?

Dr. William Sullivan


Bydureon is a new long-acting formulation of exenatide (Byetta). Whereas exenatide is an injection given twice daily, Bydureon is the long-acting formulation that is given once weekly. Both of these medications are associated with an improvement in diabetes control, ands they both promote weight loss by decreasing appetite. The other medication in this class, which is called “GLP-1 receptor analogs,” is Liraglutide which is given once daily. These medications are usually considered in the treatment of type 2 diabetes after metformin and other oral medications have become less effective over time. Their side effects can include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You should discuss with your health care provider whether any of these medications may be helpful in your situation.